New Era Of Television Sets at Home-Thanks to LG

Published Date : Dec 19, 2018

The television rulers of olden times, LG is back into business with astonishing features in their latest invention. Formerly known as Lucky Goldstar, this corporation has an adverse effect on the lives of the then called modern society where having a television was a necessity. The TV that could roll over both inside and out of a box is attracting lot of viewers. When not in use, this television could be rolled up like a poster. According to reports, this roll-able television will soon be released in 2019 as a consumer product.

One Button and You Are Ready to Go

Apart from the novel appearance and supercool design, this television also has other applications to change the entire mindset and scenario of television and its use. A narrow rectangular box could open up to a large TV display of 65 inch. Another button would help fold back the TV into poster shape when not in use. The display is actually supported with an invisible frame that straightens up when the TV is opened.

The displays that are used in the new LG TVs are OLED panels. They are expensive and most coveted among TV displays. As compared to cheaper and traditional LCD panels, the OLED panels provides superior image quality. The price of the LG television is not yet decided. However, it is expected to take the money worth all its new features and charisma.