Inadequate Education Database Creates Trouble for Assessment

Published Date : Oct 30, 2015

In a recent survey it was observed that there is a serious lack of information regarding the reach and impact of education in India that private and public schools have made. Despite the progress, the country does not have an accurate educational database that can be used for assessment of performance of public and private schools. Thus the question of     difference in net output of private school versus public school remains unanswered.

However, a recently done research suggests that performance of a child educated in a private school is better than the one who studied in the public school. On several occasions, it has been noted that the quality of education gets limited to rote learning to get good marks. This type of learning, however, differs for each school and also depends on the fees charged. However, it should be noted that the comparison of performances of state and private schools does not factor in inequality of facilities that students may have and their socio-economic backgrounds, which are not the same. 

The Indian private schools have been earning tremendous profits and cater to the needs of the higher-income class. Despite the efforts by the government to maintain free and compulsory education for all the students up to elementary level as per the RTE act, the private schools are pacing ahead. This is mainly due to the failure to provide good quality education through state schools. Therefore, private schools will continue to foster as long as there are demands for the rich and the famous.