CardioComm Solutions Signs Marketing & Sales Agreement with Europtima Medical Solutions

Published Date : Oct 30, 2015

Global medical provider of consumer medical electrocardiogram and heart monitoring software solutions CardioComm Solutions Inc. confirmed on Thursday the signing of a marketing and sales agreement with Europtima Medical Solutions FZ, LLC, a UAE-based company that provides medical technology, software and hardware solutions to private clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities in many countries in the Middle East as well as in Europe and Africa. 

With offices across the globe, Europtima Medical Solutions has25 years of experience in finding and introducing innovative medical solutions as well as providing customers in the medical industry with high quality, state of the art medical end to end solutions. The agreement with CardioComm Solutions is the latest partnership undertaking by Europtima Medical Solutions.

Even though the marketing and sales agreement was carried out in July this year, the collaborative kick-off started this month with Europtima Medical Solutions launching a set of preventive ECG monitoring solutions that include the GEMS WIN and HeartCheck PEN technologies. The company has been focusing on minimizing the impact of atrial fibrillation among client countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council. In addition, Europtima Medical Solutions’ efforts also include reducing AF effects in the rest of the Middle East and North Africa region including Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, and Libya.

The technologies offered by CardioComm Solutions will make up a significant part of Europtima Medical Solutions’ strategy and product portfolio and both the firms will be working together to devise ways of making the ECG monitoring services and management technologies high value and competitively priced solutions for their customers. This will ensure the company’s profitability, growth, and continuity when it comes to medical excellence. Currently, the company’s target audience comprises hospital based cardiac centers and electrophysiology labs, retail chain pharmacies, and internal medicine and cardiology private clinics.