Vitamin D Supplements Can Improve an Individual’s Exercise Performance

Published Date : Nov 03, 2015

Consuming vitamin D supplements can enhance exercise performance and reduce the risk of cardiac diseases, says a new study. 

Vitamin D, which is both a hormone and a vitamin, helps to control levels of phosphate and calcium present in the blood. It is also essential for teeth and bone strength. 

Co-author of the study, Raquel Revuelta Iniesta, hailing from the Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh said that their study indicates consuming Vitamin D supplements can help boost the fitness level and significantly reduce cardiovascular risk factors, the most common being blood pressure. 

The study included 13 healthy adults to whom researchers gave Vitamin D each day or a placebo. This drill went on for two weeks. This group of adults were matched by 50 kilos of weight. 

Adults who took Vitamin D supplement had lower blood pressure than those who were given a placebo. Moreover, the adults who took Vitamin D also had lower levels cortisol in their urine, which is the stress hormone. 

A fitness test was also conducted to study the effect of Vitamin D on the adults. The test exhibited that the group that tookl Vitamin D could cycle across 6.5 km in 20 minutes, compared to just 5 kilometers that they could complete before the start of the experiment. 

Despite cycling thirty per cent further and almost in the same time, the group consuming Vitamin D supplements showed lesser signs of physical exertion. 

The studies that were conducted previously indicate that Vitamin D can inhibit the action of enzyme called 11-IHSD1, which is critical to make stress hormone called cortisol. This according to the research, could theoretically improve the exercise performance and also reduce cardiovascular risk, explained the researchers. 

The findings of the study will be released at the ongoing annual conference in Edinburgh called Society for Endocrinology.