Kings College London Enters an Agreement with China for Opening of 3 British Schools in China

Published Date : Nov 04, 2015

The King’s College School, one amongst the most renowned British schools, located in Wimbledon in London, United Kingdom has entered into an agreement with Dipont, an education provider that is Shanghai-based, for setting up a trio of fee-paying schools that are British styled, within China. The deal comprises trading agreement of worth £30 billion that were announced amidst the visit of the Chinese President, named Xi Jinping in the last month. 

As per Andrew Halls, King’s College School’s head, the fees is around £20,000 per annum and the profit from taking consultancy in China would double the count of bursaries present for the students in London. The first school is expected to get inaugurated in 2018 and is for 3,180 pupils and will be made adjacent to the lake situated at Wuxi Taihu New City, 90 miles towards the northern western side of Shanghai. The new city has emerged in the last 10 years and is situated amongst China ‘swiftly developing areas, which will in no time be home to about 10 mn people. The city government has been paying for the construction and amongst the students, most of them will be Chinese, coming to around 500 international students.

The campus has been designed by a UK company and will be a twin of the marvelous Victorian Great Hall located at King’s in Wimbledon, having leaded windows and wood paneling. On the other hand, Mr Halls focused that the entire Wuxi campus will not be an exact twin of Wimbledon site and will only take the best features of the British and Chinese systems of education. Two more schools will be built shortly, one in Hangzhou, the ancient city which is about 10 miles south to Shanghai and the other’s location hasn’t been disclosed as of yet.