China Telefonica and Unicom Announces Cloud Collaboration

Published Date : Nov 04, 2015

China Telefonica and Unicom recently agreed to collaborate and share their global data center capacity for international clients across America, Asia, and Europe. This will be their first step towards expanding the cooperation towards cloud services on a larger scale. According to the telcos, the initial agreement will cover three leading data centers from every operator. Additional facilities will also be a part of the agreement. As cloud systems are in demand in the current global market, China Telefonica and Unicom also plans to contribute towards cloud services across Asia, America, and Europe. 

The cloud cooperation across cloud computing service sector will include multi-cloud solutions, virtual servers, and many other cloud computing. Many additional initiatives are planned and designed in the agreement between China Telefonica and Unicom in order to enhance the international capacities of both the companies over a period of time. The cloud computing agreement between China Telefonica and Unicom will give a chance to both the companies to expand their cloud computing services, in not only the mentioned regions but also elsewhere. 

The agreement is expected to benefit all the customers across China. Customers of China Unicom will benefit from three major data centers of Telefonica that are located in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Miami (the United States), and Alcala de Henares in Madrid (Spain). Additional investments from China Telefonica in the form of new infrastructure, multi-cloud services, and facilities will further benefit the customers across all regions, especially the China customers. Equally, it will be possible for China Telefonica to control the robust cloud capacities of the data centers of China Unicom that are located across China in Shanghai, Chongqing, and Langfang in order to enable end-to-end delivery of services for its international customers. This kind of collaboration frees up the resources for multinationals and leading companies to plan their strategic tasks, stated China Unicom and Telefonica.