Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd to Release Quarterly Dividend of US$0.34 on 3rd of December

Published Date : Nov 06, 2015

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has declared that it will release a quarterly dividend of $0.34 on the 3rd of December this year. Stockholders of record on the November 17th will receive thus dividend on the said date in December. On an annualised basis, the rate represents a $1.36 dividend and a yield of 2.26%. The company has declared that the ex-dividend date will be November 13th.

On Friday, Teva's shares opened at 60.19 (NASDAQ:TEVA). The company has a market value of US$51.28 billion and a P/E ratio of 29.20. The company's 200 days and 50 days moving average are US$62.39 and US$59.60, respectively. The company has a 52-week high of US$72.31 and a 52 week low of US$54.17
The company last released its data for the quarterly earnings of Thursday, the 29th of October. In the reporting, the company had mentioned a rate of US$1.35 EPS for the second financial quarter of the year, beating analyst estimates of US$1.28. 

The company also exceeded analyst expectations in terms of the revenues it earned for the quarter. As compared to the estimated US$4.75 billion, the company observed revenues worth US$4.80 billion for the quarter. However, the revenues in this quarter for the company were down 4.6% as compared to those observed in the same quarter of the previous year by the company. The company had earned US$1.32 per share earnings the same quarter of the previous year.

Analysts now estimate that the company will post an EPS of US$5.38 for the current financial year.Many analysts have recently published reports on the company's shares, of which many have reported .