Junk Food to Take Spatial Memory towards Deterioration

Published Date : Sep 20, 2019

Did you know, consuming excessive amount of junk food could affect spatial memory in the long-term? Recently UNSW researchers discovered a connection between loss of spatial memory and junk food consumption. Scientific Reports published the study this week, where the experiment was performed on rats.

The research studied the cognitive ability in rats which were divided into a usual healthy diet and junk diet including chips, pies, biscuits, and cakes. During the experiment period of six weeks, rats under observation were given junk foods at the interval of 3, 5, and 7 days continuously, apart from their regular healthy diet.

Spatial Memory Gets Affected With Amount of Junk Consumption in a Week

This study by UNSW discovered negative impact on spatial memory of these rats on junk diet was directly proportional to consuming frequency of junk food. More the consumption of junk, greater was the impact on the rats’ spatial memory.

Professor Margaret Morris is the Lead author of the study and HOD of Pharmacology from the School of Medical Sciences. Whatever was consumed more than three days in a week gave a bad impact of the memory of the animals under experimentation, explained the professor.

The test began by introducing the rats to two objects. One of these objects was repositioned, and the rats' reaction was observed if they could recognize the change in the surrounding. A healthy group of rats reacted to the change and tried to look for the missing object.  Whereas, the rats on the junk diet did not notice the change in the surrounding.

Morris stated that we knew this before that the consumption of a lot of junk food affects the body performance and overall health. However, the study paper strengthens it with proofs, it is equally important to refrain from junk food for proper brain function.