Production Resumes at Foxconn Factory

Published Date : Oct 28, 2012

A huge assembly factory in China, owned by iPhone assembler Foxconn, resumed production today amidst beefed up security arrangements. The management was forced to shut down the factory after a riot broke-out on Sunday late evening, which saw a clash between 2000 workers. 

It was brought under control by early morning 3 am when police intervened. As a security measure, management locked down the factory for 24 hrs after infrastructure at the premises was damaged by rioting people.

Situated in Northern Taiyuan city, the factory employs 79,000 workers, and is owned by Foxconn, trade name for Hon Hai Precision Industry Company. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics products. The riot at the plant started as a personal conflict, and eventually transformed into a group clash.

The reopening on Tuesday morning saw workers walking back through the gates, with some of them still lying flat on the ground. The gates were manned by police and security officials, and still carried signs of damage inflicted on Sunday evening, which saw 40 employees injured. Control measures were still in force and loudspeakers were blazing instructions to retain and maintain law and discipline.

The factory, which assembles Apple’s iPhones and manufactures components for other electronic firms, has been repeatedly accused by employees for poor working conditions and maltreatment of staff. However, officials claim that they have been recently spending more on improving working conditions and increasing the wages of the employees.

The company officials have confirmed that the disruption would not affect its supplies to the global market, and that it has sufficient stock in hand to meet the demand. The riot is believed to have started at the worker’s dormitory, which is managed by a private firm on contract basis. Even the role of security guards is under scrutiny for escalating the riot.