Demo satellites from U.K. set for launch

Published Date : Jul 08, 2014

Two spacecrafts from U.K., which includes one made in Scotland will soon be launched into the orbit. The pair of the satellites will be launched on a Soyuz rocket which will be from Baikonur located in Kazakhstan.

The first spacecraft TechDemoSat-1 was made in Guildford by the company Surrey Satellite Limited along with the assembling of UKube-1 which was undertaken in Scotland at Clyde Space.

Both platforms will try out innovative new components, instruments, and sensors which their producers are hoping to win future business.

This mission is actually the secondary payloads on the flight, but the main purpose of it was to launch a Russian meteorological satellite called Meteor-M2.

Among the two satellites TechDemoSat-1 is the larger one which weights 157 kg. TDS-1 carries an innovative approach for monitoring the state of the surface of the ocean. This functions by looking at how the signals from GPS are scattered off the ocean. The Ukube-1 is much smaller in size and weights around 3.5 kg. However, it holds the smart technologies which its developers want to prove in the orbit.

These two satellites have a new imaging sensor which will be used to take pictures of the planet. They also contain devices which aim to generate random numbers from detecting the impacts from space particles. These devices in future form a basis of much more safe satellite communications.