BMW Appoints Olaf Kastner as New Sales Head in China to Replace Karsten Engel

Published Date : Nov 09, 2015

BMW, the luxury automobile manufacturer has appointed Olaf Kastner as the new sales head of the China region whose tenure will be effective from December 1, 2015. Prior to this appointment, Kastner was the head of the joint venture between BMW and Brilliance Automotive.  

In consideration to the change that will happen as the new position of Olaf Kastner, Anton Heiss will take over the position as the president and CEO of the joint venture between BMW and Brilliance Automotive. Currently, he is in-charge of managing the site of the joint venture at Shenyang, which he will continue to manage for the time being in addition to the new responsibility given to him.

As stated by one of the members of the Management Board of BMW AG, who is n-charge of finance, on appointing Kastner as the sales head of the China region, the company is delighted to position him in the largest market for the company. It is  a pleasure for the company as Kastner has extensive experience in the Chinese automotive business and also the culture, country and its people.

As further stated by the Finance head of BMW AG, the principle of the company lies in production to follow the market. And in appointing Anton Heiss as the new manager of the joint venture between BMW and Brilliance Automotive, we have made a selection who knows both extremely well. The executive further stated, as announced earlier, the company is focused to expand its product range that will be developed as part of the joint venture.

On Engel’s part, as part of his tenure in China, he has been instrumental in reducing the prices of some models of BMW in China and also to cut production in order to prevent building an inventory of unsold cars.