New Generation of Wireless Pacemakers Implanted without Surgery Exhibit Lucrative Opportunities

Published Date : Nov 10, 2015

A number of researchers have lately reported lucrative results in regards to the new generation of pacemakers that are miniatures and are wireless in nature. These can be implanted with the help of a leg vein without the requirement for a surgery. When 725 patients were studied, one amongst these pacemakers, manufactured by Medtronic, was implanted successfully almost 99 percent of the time and was accompanied with minimum complications in comparison with the other conventional pacemakers.

Two months from now, the journal had published a study comprising a likewise device manufactured by St. Jude Medical. These 2 pacemakers are already in the markets of Europe and associations are looking for the approval from the Food and Drug Administration for selling these two products within the U.S. market. Around 200, 000 individuals within the U.S. per year get a pacemaker placed for getting their heartbeats regulated. These pacemakers are placed just below the skin within in the chest and are implanted using wires known as leads that go through the heart. These wires may wear out, become infected, or break and this stands as a key weakness associated with the use of these pace makers.

The mini pacemaker is the same size as that of a large pill and is implanted without surgery via a tube into a blood vessel within the groin and is attached to the right of the heart. A Harvard Medical School professor and the spokesman for the American College of Cardiology, named Doctor Jagmeet Singh, stated that the results of these pacemakers came out as excellent but his only concern is on the long-term safety of these pace makers. These pacemakers are pricier in Europe as compared to the traditional simple pacemaker being sold there. This pacemaker without wires is undoubtedly an advanced technology but with certain downsides as of now.