Blood test will now predict Alzheimer disease

Published Date : Jul 09, 2014

Scientists in U.K. have developed a revolutionary blood test which will predict for any onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Research involving more than 1,000 people has identified a group of proteins present in the blood which can help to predict the start of dementia. This blood test has the accuracy of 87%.

The findings which were published in the journal of Alzheimer’s and Dementia will help to improve trials for the upcoming dementia drugs. However, many medical health experts have warned that the blood test is not yet good enough for doctor’s surgeries.

Earlier research dwelling into treatments for this disease have resulted into failure many times. However, during 2002 to 2012, around 99.6% of clinical trials were aimed at reversing or preventing the disease turned out to be a failure.

Many doctors agrees that failure is down when it comes to treating patients who are already affected, as symptoms of this conditions appear around one decade after the disease. Hence, one of the major priorities in dementia research is identifying patients.

The group involved in research combined many industry and university scientists that searched for differences in blood of 452 healthy people and of 220 who had mild cognitive impairment and 476 people who had Alzheimer’s disease.

The group was able to figure out with around 87 percent accuracy which patients had mild cognitive impairment and later on would develop Alzheimer’s disease in the coming year.

According to the director of research in UK for Alzheimer’s Research this was a step which will make Alzheimer’s a preventable disease.