Chicken supply, prices in U.S. severely hit

Published Date : Jul 08, 2014

The poultry production industry in the U.S. has been severely hit after it was found that a key breed rooster has a genetic defect which is reducing its fertility. This has led to a rise in chicken prices as the supply went down. Aviagen Group’s Ross male has parented, through its offspring, nearly 25% of the country’s chickens that are raised for slaughter, and studies have ruled out all other possible causes for the drastic reduction in fertility. Sanderson Farms, together with Aviagen, finally zeroed in on a genetic defect as the problem. 

The poultry production in U.S. was already suffering from lack of breeder birds and this discovery is likely to make things worse. The agriculture department in the country has reduced its forecast for chicken production in 2014, predicting a 2.6% increase for 2015. This is much below the average annual production rate of 4%.  This is most likely to hit poultry exports in the country.

The price of chicken has gone up by about USD 3 in the last month, and this is especially difficult for the consumers since the prices for steaks and pork chops went up 10% owing to drought and disease.