Nissan Deliberates over to Become a Wireless Pioneer

Published Date : Nov 17, 2015

The technology of wireless charging is something that may really help convince people for trading their cars that are gasoline powered with electric vehicles. Parking in one’s own garage and then leaving the car alone for it to get charged wirelessly is a total bonus.  Plugless Power has already presented wireless charging system for the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF, by utilizing the hardware that has been supplied by Bosch. An engineer of the Giant Nissan stated the company is working to raise the power of the present wireless charging systems as 3kW isn’t sufficient so they are working on to increase the power. 

The engineer also stated that Nissan strives to raise the number upto 7kW, which is equivalent to a 135 kW offered by certain Tesla SuperChargers. It is also sufficient for fully charging a battery of 60 kWh and this is the one on which Nissan is working and is predicted to be introduced at the second generation LEAF which is due in 2018. A key drawback of the present systems is that these systems must be aligned carefully with the receivers that are wireless in nature and are made to the cars’ underside. This problem will be solved by the autonomous driving systems owing to the fact that these systems will be parking the cars within a few millimeters of the intended parking.

The extensive adoption of wireless charging is still as of now 10 years away, but still Nissan is positive on sharing its technology with other care manufacturers. The company thinks that standardization will be crucial for making electrical cars the major choice in the coming years. Few years from now, Nissan had adopted a certain technology which was quite different to the technology adopted by other car makers and due to there being no standardization the technologies clashed and impeded some of the potential customers in purchasing an electric car.