NASA Approves Boeings Initial Design of Space Launch System

Published Date : Jul 09, 2014

The initial Space Launch System (SLS) designs by Boeing have received an approval from NASA. This initiative could soon be taking people to Mars or to the Moon. The SLS project was conceptualized to create the most powerful rocket to date, keeping beyond-Earth expeditions in mind. The rockets that have been crafted as part of this project, are specifically designed to take people from the Earth to Mars, or even the Moon.

In a meeting between Boeing and NASA last week, that took place at the Huntsville, Alabama-based Marshall Space Flight Center, a critique analysis of the designs was conducted. The avionics and rocket designs underwent considerable scrutiny before earning a stamp of approval. The entire process saw over 3,000 core-stage pieces being reviewed by 11 different technical teams from various disciplines, NASA said in a press release. This core-stage review was completed ahead of time, and officials stated that the progress on this project is ‘excellent’, and is fast moving towards bringing the rocket to its launch pad. The program’s director Todd May added that teams from both, the government and the main contractor were working “full-steam” towards this project.

However, this project by NASA and Boeing is expected to face some competition in the future, as SpaceX is said to be in the process of introducing its own large-rocket platform that will be used for the same purpose as that of SLS. This will pit the government’s project against the strengthening private space sector in the United States.