U.K. Plans Phasing Out Coal Plants in 10 Years

Published Date : Nov 18, 2015

The latest energy strategy revealed by U.K. government is based on the statements made by Ms. Rudd, who said that coal is polluting and relying on it is perverse.

Instead of coal, the U.K. energy futures show gas to play a central role, with statements that point to constructing gas-fueled power plants to be of the highest priority.

Multiple individuals and environmental groups were open to the change. Few did, however, criticize the move to reach for gas rather than renewable energy.

According to data provided by the U.K. government, nearly a third of the country’s energy supply is derived from coal. Ms. Rudd, who has said that relying on the unreliable and ageing coal-fired power plants can no longer be a sufficient and clean enough source for an advanced economy like the U.K.

Ms. Rudd also stated that replacing coal with gas would be the greatest and the most economical contributions that the nation can currently make to reduce emission ratings. She also said that investing in nuclear power could also play a pivotal role in the government’s new policies.

Ms. Rudd has expressed her belief in the future plans for nuclear power plants, including the ones at Moorside, Cumbria, and Wylfa, Wales. The new plants could impart nearly one-third of the overall electricity generated through low carbon means in the next 15 years. She said that those opposing nuclear power have been misinformed and that nuclear power is a safe energy alternative.

The speech given by Ms. Rudd comes in the middle of public concerns of multiple blackouts following a reducing power supply. The National Grid has dismissed these claims.