Robots in space Equipped with Google’s 3D Smartphones

Published Date : Jul 10, 2014

Free-flying robots inside the Space Station will function now as the brain and eye of Nasa. These robots will be equipped with Google’s 3D smartphones.

The robots are called SPHERES which stands for Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental satellites. These robots presently have limited capabilities. However, including smartphones will now help them function better. Many experts have described these robots as incredibly clever.

These robots when first time launched at the International Space Station during the year 2006, they were capable of many precise movements by using small jets of CO2. This helped to propel devices forwards around an inch a second.

Manager of the Spheres projects stated that they wanted to add communication and a camera to improve the processing capacity, sensors, and accelerometers. He also said that they were wondering what to do about it and then figure out that the solution to this problem was to use smartphones.

In an effort to make smarter robots engineers from Nasa’s Ames Research Centre sent affordable smartphones to the space station. These smartphones were purchased from Best Buy, which is an American gadgets store.

So, astronauts attached the smartphones to Spheres which helped them to achieve better visual and sensing ability.

To improve these robots even more, Nasa has turned towards the Project Tango from Google. This project uses 3D cameras which are equipped in latest smartphones by Google. These smartphones give the handset an understanding on a human scale of space and motion.