Geely Automobile from China to Focus on Developing Green Energy Vehicles

Published Date : Nov 19, 2015

The pollution rates in China are a major cause of concern for the government. Smog choking in urban areas of China is one of the key issues that has cropped up due to the massive pollution created every year in China. Smog choking has resulted in many deaths in the country and in lieu of this, the government in China is now focusing on many green initiatives to control pollution problems like this.

China is infamous for being the world’s biggest polluter when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. In the past decade, China has taken many measures to reduce its carbon footprint. China has aggressively focused on its domestic solar sector. Furthermore, China has also added to its wind power generation capacity. This has to a certain extent helped to reduce the reliance of conventional energy generated using coal. However, in order to curb the issue of emission further, China is now increasingly focusing on the developing its new energy vehicle market.

The government in China is now promoting the development of electric vehicles via subsidies and strict fuel economy standards. It is viewing green cars sector as the domestic auto industry’s chance to finally catch up with its global competitors. Many private companies are entering the new energy vehicle market. Geely Automobile Holdings from China is now planning to focus completely on developing green energy vehicles. The firm will be eschewing its conventional combustion engines and entirely overhauling its product portfolio. 

90% of sales of Geely will be from so-called new energy vehicles by end of 2020, the firm said in a press release. The company announced its plan to dub ‘Blue Geely’ for its new energy vehicles. These are referred to hybrid or battery powered cars in the country. However, the automotive firm has not yet disclosed the amount it will be investing in this schemes.