AI to Perform As Good As Humans for Diagnosis of Disease

Published Date : Sep 26, 2019

Scientists have studied and experimented, after which they have claimed that artificial intelligence is now powerful enough to diagnose a disease as precisely as a healthcare professional.

AI is now said to diagnose illness with the help of medical imaging, which has a similar accuracy of the same level as that of a doctor, says meta-analysis and first systematic review. The claim is made after analyzing all the present proofs from the scientific study published in journal The Lancet Digital Health.

However, just a few studies were reliable and updated enough to get considered in the research. More than 20,500 articles were reviewed, out of which lesser than 1% were detailed and validated enough to be considered for the research. The author of the study, Alastair Denniston, professor at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK has warned that the actual detection ability of artificial intelligence, with the use of algorithm, computing ability, and big data to outdo human intelligence and learning is still uncertain. This is so due to lack of proper studies which compare the human performances and machines directly. They even validate AI performance in the real clinical environment.

Deep Learning Holds Great Scope in Future

Among the high quality well-researched studies, the scientists found that deep learning would actually be able to detect the illness starting from eye disorder to cancer, pretty accurately like health experts. However, it needs to be noted that AI did not outperform human intelligence -  it performed just similar to it. Nevertheless, with the help of deep learning, the system can analyze several images to diagnose the symptoms of the illness, This provides a huge scope for growth in future, when these technologies get more upgraded and advanced.

The reports on deep learning and them outperforming human intelligence in disease detection is making rounds since a while now. Over 30 algorithms of healthcare have been approved already by FDA, the US.