Shopkeepers Sell Only Five Packets of Maggi to Customers to Prevent Shortage

Published Date : Nov 19, 2015

Shopkeepers in Gurgaon are selling only five Maggi packets to customers are several of them are stocking up on these instant noodles in case the Supreme Court announces another ban. 

Maggi by Nestle was re-launched by the company after a six-month band due to rumored inconsumable lead amounts. The demand is indicates that instant food surely makes eating simpler and easier. Aarti Narang, a resident of Jal Vayu Vihar in Sector 30 affirmed this sentiment by saying that she bought packets of Maggi to stock them up as the worry of it being banned still hangs heavy in the air.

Vishal Singh, who runs a canteen in several offices stated that he has to arrange for Maggi packets from several shops due to its high demand at canteens. He further added that he too was denied more than five packets. A huge crowd of people are seen flocking outside stores to buy Maggi packets. 

To add to this complicated situation of demand and supply, shopkeepers only have single serving packs. A store owner at DLF Phase 1 stated that they had only two cartons worth of Maggi stock at first. He said a small stock was ordered initially as the shop was unsure of the fact that Maggi will sell like hot cakes as it product was under scrutiny for safe consumption. To his surprise the shop ran out of stock at the end of the day and has placed an order for more.

An account of Maggi sale on Snapdeal shows a sale of 60,000 packets in five minutes. Tony Navin, the senior vice-president, who heads the partnerships and strategic initiatives for Snapdeal stated that the company is astounded by this phenomenal response and is looking forward to the incredible partnership.