Branding Emerges as Primary Concern for China Manufacturers

Published Date : Nov 23, 2015

As manufacturers in China continue their struggle to climb up the value chain, much is still remaining to transform the Made-in-China brand in the international markets. 

For several Chinese businesses, making a global footprint is the primary aim, as they still spend much time and resource focusing on product sales instead of creating a brand image. With a majority of the products manufactured from China aiming at the lower stratum of the market, Chinese companies could exhibit only a poor performance in successfully branding their products for the overseas market. Hence, products manufactured from the country even today are largely perceived as substandard and this is said in a report published by the Center for China Globalization (CCG). 

During a conference the president of the Sany Group, Tang Xiuguo expressed his worries to CCG Outbound Forum that some of the most prominent manufacturers of the country still rely on exporters to promote their products in the international market, without offering the basic after sales services such as maintenance, which makes their products look like disposable chopsticks, thereby offering no long-term value. 

Chinese manufacturers, therefore now are face to face with a new mission, as per the China Association for International Economic Cooperation head Cui Mingmo, and the concern is to brand Made in China. 

Cui pointed out that neither Rome not the manufacturing base in China was built in a day, hence the process of branding ‘Made in China’ could be slow and sustain results gradually. 

The Chinese manufacturers have unveiled their grand plan “Made in China 2025” in May intended to upgrade the manufacturing sector in the country, thereby enabling it to better use China’s manufacturing capacity. Furthermore, Cui said that strong foundation and support services are essential for international branding, and facility of high-speed railways will only fuel the country’s manufacturing, thereby giving a boost to their branding efforts.