Luxury Brands Nike, Burch, and Lululemon adopt Age-old Adhesive Technology

Published Date : Nov 25, 2015

The patented adhesive technology of a 105-year old firm from Shirley, Massachusetts is being adopted by apparel and luxury goods manufacturer such as Nike, Lululemon, Tory Burch, Coach, Athletica, among others.

Founded in 1910, Bemis Associates is a family0run business that is into the manufacturing of sew-free products and adhesive technology that are suitable for designers to create an array of new products, which eliminated the need for sewing expertise.

As stated by the CEO of Bemis Associates, the technology will unleash the creativity and imagination that designers never thought of. Using the technology, the bonding of the materials happens due to heat and pressure, which eliminates the need for stitching and makes the bond
In luxury goods and garments more durable. The use of the technology has an additional benefit that it enables the garment to be light weight, which is particularly useful for workout and athletic apparel, as stated by the company.

The adhesive technologies of Bemis Associates, which was originally founded by MIT Engineers has historically been used for chewing gums, labeling, and footwear. Over the last three decades, the technology was used for apparel, and in a recent move the company has integrated its technology for a range of luxury handbags made by Coach and Tory Burch.

The adhesive technology has been of significantly beneficial for apparel-makers and designer brands struggling with labor shortages, and would have need to employ sewer and laborers for these tasks.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, that the shortage of labor in China is forcing apparel manufacturers and designer brands of the West to reconsider plans about operations in China.

As stated by the CEO of Bemis Associates, chasing labor is a big challenge for the luxury brands and the Bemis’ technology has been proven to be suitable for applications that can eliminate the labor factor completely.