Leaders Discuss a Plan for Energy Conservation at Paris

Published Date : Nov 30, 2015

Out of the 150 leaders and heads gathered at Paris to discuss the serious problem of climate change leading to global warming Prime Minister US President Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, and Chinese premier Xi Jinping are also pushing for a more realistic and a challenging deal.

At the same congregation about 175 nations have put forth pledges or INDCs to bring down carbon emissions. If these are to go through, the rise in the degree of global warming will limited to just about 2.7 degree Celsius by the end of this century. However, this rise in the temperature is higher as compared to UN’s ambition to limiting it to just 2 degree Celsius. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens of India to save conserve energy due as a serious step to control the climate change. He communicated his message through a radio program “Mann Ki Baat” before leaving for Paris. He stated that global warming, climate change, and rising temperature are everyone’s problems and thus the responsibility lies with everyone.

The meet that aims to create an action plan for 2030 has brought together 200 countries. These countries will try to finalize on a deal that will have a futuristic outlook that will put the world on a low-carbon emission plan. 

Ajay Mathur, climate negotiator and director general of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for India stated that the Paris climate agreement will not be limited to 2030, but will be a document that will be open to change in the future. Prakash Javadekar, environment minister for India stated that issues such as India’s need to demand for more carbon space to lift 300 million from poverty and energy deprivation will also be discussed at the meet.