Coca Cola Workers Vote for Strike after Talks

Published Date : Dec 01, 2015

The Coca Cola workers in Illinois that are from the Teamsters have voted to hold a strike on Sunday after the consumer goods company allegedly violated laws surrounding worker protection.

Multiple federal complaints were enumerated on the 24th of November in the form of allegations. The parties involved are currently focusing on building a new labor agreement for the workers from the union in two of the state facilities. Roughly 300 workers from warehouse, production, and transport are represented by the local 727. The strike itself was announced on Monday by the union.

John Coli Jr., the president of Local 727, made a statement recently, in which he noted that the Coca Cola Refreshments has already committed multiple egregious unfair labor practices successively in an attempt to derail negotiations, and the Teamsters will not be intimidated by this.

The union stated that most of the employees in the 225 are in favor of a strike. The union also noted that the company has allegedly bargained in bad faith and intimidated the workers. They also unilaterally modified the contract terms as well as working conditions of the employees.

Coli also said that the union has a proven record of facing such corporate bullies in order to protect the working class families. The members of the union have authorized an unfair labor practice strike in order to send a warning to Coca Cola that the workers in the union will not be taken undue advantage of.

The contract running currently will expire on Thursday at midnight.