Wearable Technology Drivers - Healthcare, Sports, and Fitness

Published Date : Jul 11, 2014

Wearable Technology Gadgets in Sports and Fitness

Wearable devices in sports and fitness market [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/207656] are available with the latest technology. These devices help to monitor a workout session. They help the user to track the amount of calories burned, the heart rate, distance covered, speed, time elapsed, targets, etc. Some of these devices also help to guide the user through the workout. This helps to make the workout more dynamic and less monotonous.

Wearable technology has adopted into various fields. The five main categories of wearable technology according to application are fitness and wellness, healthcare and medical, infotainment, industrial, and military. The growth of healthcare sector is predicted to be the highest in the wearable technology market.

Types of Wearable Sports and Fitness Devices

According to the product type the wearable technology devices in sports and fitness market can be divided into wearable or smart. A wearable product refers to a device which can be worn for an extended period of time and which enhances a user’s experience significantly. In the smart category, devices which come equipped with wireless connectivity, advanced circuitry, and independent processing capability are included. Here are the various product types available in the wearable sports and fitness market.

Footwear: Insoles that are integrated with wireless sensors can be inserted in any shoe. These insoles help to measure the motion parameters and weight distribution of the person training using such footwear. These insoles can communicate with a personal computer or smartphone.

Wearable Textiles: Wearable textiles, smart textiles, or eTextiles are fabrics which enable digital components and gadgets to be embedded in them. In such devices the focus is on seamless merging of textiles with the microelectronics. Fitness or sports wearable technology clothes eliminate the need of wearing separate bulky gadgets such as chest straps to track the body’s activity.

Skin Patches: Skin patches or sensor patches are basically disposable, peel-and-stick patches which help to monitor various activities of the user. These can be aimed for weight loss or weight maintenance. These patches are to be worn for a certain number of days. The skin patches monitor the user’s sleep pattern, calories burned, amount of physical activity performed, breathing, muscle fatigue, body movements, postures, etc. Usually, these patches are worn on the upper arm of the user.

Tracking Devices: Tracking devices are popular fitness wearable gadgets. These devices range from watches to clip-on electronics. These devices help to monitor calories burned, dehydration, heart rate, distance covered, etc. One of the popular tracking devices used for fitness is the smart ring. Smart ring helps to track the user’s activity and helps to achieve the individual’s fitness goal by supporting through weight loss or other fitness goal.

Market Trends

In the past and present situation the most popular wearable technology gadgets include headsets, hearing aids, and performance monitors. However, in the future infotainment will lead the market which will be followed by health and fitness gadgets. The most promising wearable gadgets are smart glasses, glucose monitoring, smart watches, drug delivery, and wearable textiles. Some of the market drivers for wearable sports and fitness devices include growing demand from recreational fitness consumers, professional athletes, corporate wellness programs, clinical and military research, and chronic disease management. However, there are many challenges which restrain the growth of this market such as the price of the gadgets and the technology is still developing.

Some of the key players in this market are Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Amer and GNC. In the past few years this market has seen a growth over ten percent. The key players in this market are coming up with more affordable and easy-to-use gadgets which will further boost the growth of the market.

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