China to Extend Help to Ebola-hit Guinea Whet Healthcare Capacity

Published Date : Dec 04, 2015

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President recently met his Guinean counterpart, Alpha Conde, and promised to extend help to the West African country, which was once beset with Ebola outbreak, and to strengthen its public health systems.

In this regard, Beijing is delighted to see that Guinea has beaten the Ebola menace, the Chinese President stated, and that when the crisis hit last year, China, out of brotherly bond with Guinea stepped ahead to provide assistance.

The Chinese President further added that China will continue to send healthcare teams to Guinea and extend support Conakry, Guinea’s capital city, to develop robust public health and epidemic prevention networks and to promote its capacity building in the important public-welfare area.

With the note that Guinea is the first country in the sub-Sahara to develop diplomatic ties with China and that the two countries boast to have a profound traditional friendship, stated the Chinese President, that his country has great attachment for its relations with Guinea.

China is ready anytime to work with Guinea and to translate their time-tested friendship into encouraging impetus for the purpose of bilateral cooperation and common development. The Chines President further suggested that the two countries need to cement political mutual trust and boost friendly exchanges wherever possible and deepen the win-win cooperation, with the endeavor to bring to more benefits to the populace.

China is moving to encourage its enterprises for participation in Guinea’s industrial, construction and to invest in the agricultural production and processing sectors in the country, further added the Chinese President.

The Guinean President, on his part, also reiterated the long-standing relationship between the two countries and expressed his gratitude for the long-running support that china has extended for his country, especially the timely and valuable assistance that China offered at the time of Ebola outbreak in Guinea.