China and the U.K. Collaborate to Monitor Construction Integrity, Operations to Execute from Space

Published Date : Dec 08, 2015

The University of Nottingham in the U.K. and the China Railway Group, which is a huge construction company, have teamed up to develop and commercialize technically advanced techniques in the endeavor to monitor the structural dependency of bridges.

With the MoU coming into effect, the China Railway Group makes a direct investment of 600,000 euros to support the project, with an investment of 2.3 mn euros earlier coming in from the European Space Agency. 

The collaboration of China and the U.K. is expected to turn into a new high-tech company that will target the global market for pursuits of satellite-based monitoring of large infrastructure, which is supposedly worth 10bn euros, as commented by the University

China itself would be the single biggest market for the pursuit, wherein a large number of rail bridges and roads have been constructed at the time of rapid infrastructure build-out over the last 30 years.

GeoSHM, as the project is known to be, makes use of satellite navigation and positioning technology that will track the way environment and other factors are responsible to affect the stability of bridges over time.

At the time of signing of the MoU, the Sino-UL Geospatial Engineering Centre of the University of Nottingham and the Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute (BRDI), which is a research unit of the China Railway Group were present. According to the terms of the deal, China will promote the technology for the collaboration.

BRDI’s President stated that the collaboration would make an indelible impact on the way bridges are constructed. China is already known for its long history of bridge construction dating back to thousands of years, with a large number of large, novel, and complex structured bridges that have come up and in the past few decades. The collaboration of BRDI with the University of Nottingham that will employ geospatial technology will immensely rejuvenate Chinese Bridge construction.