Investor Group Buys Keurig Greem Mountain for US$92 per share in Cash

Published Date : Dec 08, 2015

Personal beverage system company Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., has created high benchmarks in the market for beverages. The JAB Holding Company has recently announced that they have finally entered into a stage of agreement to acquire Keurig for US$92 per share. With all conditions realized, the complete equity value of the buyout will be US$13.9 bn. The agreement was reportedly approved by the Board of Directors of Green Mountain unanimously.

The agreement is set to be 77.9% of the December 4, 2015 closing stock price of Keurig Green Mountain.

Several minority investors have been approached by JAB to complete the buyout. The minority investors already hold shares in Jacobs Douwe Egberts B.V. The list includes all entities associated with BDT Capital Partners and Mondelez International. Once the transaction is closed, Keurig Green Mountain shall owned privately and resume operations independently, under the employees and management team in the company. The headquarters of Keurig Green Mountain is expected to remain at Waterbury, VT.

JAB Chairman Bart Brecht said this is a major step for Keurig Green Mountain and signifies the creation of a global coffee platform. Keurig is a highly recommended company and is famous for uniquely mixing major premium coffee brands and modern dispensing technologies such as the single serve machine by Keurig. The company will continue to function as an independent firm and will ascertain the future developments of coffee and coffee-making technology through its own strengths.

Brecht added that Keurig is expected to maintain service to all its partners and perform to the best of its abilities.