Drones to Become Cheaper with New Technology

Published Date : Dec 09, 2015

The global drone market is expected to grow significantly in the coming few years. Drones have been used for the past years for several purposes. They have been used for recreational purposes as toys or have been used by companies or official bodies to provide other services. Many drones in the world have been used for moving things from one place to another. Mostly, the items that are transported using drones are lightweight items.

Recognizing the potential of drones, many multinational companies have invested in drones. Some of these include Amazon, Google, and Ebay. Many key companies around the world are already involved in major projects to fuel innovation of drones. Google’s drone project aims to launch drones for disaster relief in the next few years. Although the popularity and use of drones around the world is rising, they are still expensive. However, a new technology promises to make manufacturing drones much more affordable and easier.

Axis Drones, a company that claims to sell the smallest four rotor drone in the world is making ripples in the news world. The drones sold by this firm are called quadcopter. Each side of Aerius model from this company is a little bigger than one inch long and wide and it is less than an inch tall. The founder of the firm and chief executive, Robert Morrison stated that these drones priced at US$35 are recommended for children who are of ages 14 or up. In addition to this, Morrison also said that he believes that kids as young as 8 can safely maneuver it.

Morrison further said that without a doubt they are going to sell every model they have and they have maxed out their credit line and also emptied their bank account to make as many models as they could. Around 20,000 drones have been made so far for the holiday season.