Chinese Construction Firm to Complete Remaining Construction Project of Cross-Kenya Railway Link

Published Date : Dec 10, 2015

A Chinese construction company has planned to complete the contract to build the cross-Kenya railway link. The cross-Kenya railway link is expected to improve the transport connections in East Africa. A leading Chinese construction company was recently awarded the bid to undertake the project and complete the remaining construction project. Under the agreement that was signed with the government of Kenya, China Communications Construction Co. will be responsible to build two sections of the railway line Mombasa-Malaba Standard Gauge. 

Earlier in September 2015, the company won $1.48 bn contract to extend the railway line between Mombasa and Nairobi by 120 kilometers to Naivasha, which is a stop between Malaba and the capital, Nairobi. Earlier this month, China Communications Construction Co. signed a framework agreement to build the remaining section of railway link between Naivasha and Malaba. The railway that links Mombasa and Nairobi is valued at $3.8 bn and is now being constructed by China Road and Bridge Corp. a subsidiary firm of China Communications Construction Co. The railway link between Mombasa and Nairobi is expected to be operative from 2017. 

As per the report from China Daily, the railway construction of the 960-kilometer link between Malaba and Mombasa is predicted to boost the economic growth, industrialization, regional integration, and overall construction industry of China and Kenya. As per the report, the Chinese construction company secured the railway contract after President Xi Jinping promised assistance and loans of worth $60 bn for Africa to help the region address their major problems such as funding, talent, and infrastructure. 

Chairman of China Communications Construction Co., Liu Qitao, stated that the company had secured the construction of worth $5 bn along with loans for the railway construction project that includes hydropower and railway stations. The company is planning to seek more funds worth $5 bn for the construction project, stated Liu Qitao.