Hello Goodness! How PepsiCo Hopes to Attract Healthy Eaters with Revamped Vending Machines

Published Date : Dec 14, 2015

At the Beverage Digest Future Smarts Conference in New York City on Monday, PepsiCo announced the launch of “Hello Goodness”, a state of the art food and beverage vending machine. What makes this vending machine so special is that it includes only healthy products.

Soaring health concerns and a rather strong anti-soda backlash has forced several players within the food and beverages sector to rethink their strategies and face this changing trend head-on. PepsiCo’s decision to revamp its vending machines comes on the heels of this trend and it hopes to attract a whole new group of customers who want healthier options on the go. 

The products available in the vending machines are from the company’s beverage as well as FritoLay segment and include Lays Oven Baked chips, Naked Juice, Sabra hummus cups, Smartfood Delight popcorn, Pure Leaf iced tea, and Quaker Real Medleys bars. The dual temperature vending machines will be placed at several places across the United States next year, including select recreational, health care, governmental, transportation, educational, and workplace facilities. 

Another key feature of these vending machines is that it has a touch screen that will display nutritional information of each product.

It is interesting to note how PepsiCo is handling the rapid rate at which consumers have been shunning sugar sweetened beverages and candy. Soda sales of not only PepsiCo but even its competitor Coca-Cola Co have been declining in recent years. 

One of the toughest battles that the soda industry faces is at schools. While vending machines in schools have recently been limiting the amount of sodium, sugar, and calories consumed by students on a daily basis, as of now, PepsiCo is not aiming to place the revamped vending machines in grade schools. 

Chief operating officer of beverages in the whole of North America, Kirk Tanner said that PepsiCo’s latest offering is surely the vending machine of the future. The idea behind it is “better for you” products and vending options to allow consumers the choice of deciding what to drink and eat while on the go. The Hello Goodness brand brings together PepsiCo’s design expertise, power of its brand, and its dedication to equipment innovation.