Emerging Trends in the Mobile VAS Sector

Published Date : Jul 17, 2014

In the contemporary telecommunications industry, value-added services can be a lucrative business opportunity. Basically, almost any service that doesn’t fall under the category of a ‘core service’ can be classified as a value-added service (VAS). Thus, in the context of mobile phones, any service that is not a voice call can be termed a VAS. The ever-increase usage of mobile phones and their deep penetration into developing and developed markets alike has thrown up several businesses opportunities. An important one among them is value added services in the Mobile VAS Services [http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis/177519], commonly known as mobile value added services (MVAS). Some common examples of MVAS include: short messaging service, data usage, and multimedia messaging service. 

Today, there are many ongoing discussions in the mobile industry about whether there is a sustainable future for the MVAS sector, and if there is one, how can it be developed? While the premium SMS segment helped many companies earn massive revenues, limiting strategies only to such services will not suffice in the future. Thus, many mobile operators are working towards developing a whole new concept of VAS that will also bring up new and exciting business opportunities.

The optimum utilization of MVAS can bring up a steady, sustainable revenue stream for mobile network operators, given that the telecommunications industry adds millions of new customers to its database annually. Mobile value-added services can be largely segmented into three categories: consumer, enterprise, and network. The segments of premium-charged content and peer-to-peer content are distinct and often independent of each other.

Changing trends and emerging opportunities

So what are some of the trends that have brought along the prospect of brand new opportunities in the MVAS market? In addition to just making and receiving calls, mobile phone users and telecom customers have many other uses for their cellular phones. For instance, many subscribers now play games or access the internet via their mobile phones. Many others watch movies and listen to music on their smartphones. Each of these activities presents the potential for a new business opportunity. Thus, the availability of the internet and the increasing usage of mobile phones can be a very lucrative combination for business enterprises in this sector. 

From the standpoint of an enterprise, MVAS can be an integral factor in the development of their business. Various marketing initiatives can be undertaken with the use of mobile phones, and a number of advertising campaigns can also be a part of MVAS.

However, a very exciting aspect of the MVAS sector today is ecommerce. The way people consume products and carry out shopping has undergone a sea change. Consumers now prefer to browse through products online and simply place an order with a single click. This means that there is huge opportunity for enterprises to develop ecommerce-based services that can help people gain better and safer access to shopping sites. And, ecommerce is not just about people shopping – it also involves the electronic transfer of money and banking applications, which is yet another chance for monetization. 

Next-gen Opportunities in Mobile VAS

In addition to the opportunities mentioned above, there are several other ways in which the Mobile VAS market can grow. For instance, there is a demand for secure messaging services from enterprises that deal with sensitive data. Similarly, social networking and its ever-expanding realm holds unlimited possibilities for the mobile VAS market. Thus, to sum it up, there are a number of next-generation services in various categories such as ecommerce, communication, and infotainment. As consumer demand for all of these continues to grow, the number of enterprises offering such services will see a parallel grow. 

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