Scope of Video Surveillance in the Private Sector

Published Date : Jul 17, 2014

Video Surveillance and VSaaS Industry

A video surveillance system helps to monitor activity in public and commercial buildings which can be for real-time viewing or used for reviewing the video later on. Some video surveillance systems record audio and video both, while some only record video. Video surveillance systems are a very effective deterrent to crime, when they are installed in an obvious location such as banks and ATMs.

VSaaS refers to Video surveillance-as-a-service. It helps to manage and archive video footages captured by the cameras on the cloud. VSaaS is a service which has proved itself to be cost effective and very profitable. Sometimes this service is referred to as managed or hosted video services. Video footage from customer IP cameras or webcams is transmitted to the service provider’s cloud.

Video Surveillance System Types

Video surveillance system can be either analog video surveillance system or IP based video surveillance system. In a conventional analog CCTV system, the security camera will capture an analog video signal and transfer this signal over coax cable to the digital video recorder. This video recorder will then convert the analog signal to digital and compress it. Then this data will be stored on a hard drive for future use.

In the IP based video surveillance system, the network camera will capture an analog image but will convert this image immediately to digital inside the camera. Some of the digital processing takes place right at the camera which can be compression and motion detection. This digital video will then be broadcasted over the local area network using Ethernet cable.

Application of Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are used for both private and public applications. Some of the government applications of these systems are -

  • Government uses surveillance cameras for maintaining a secure environment in government buildings and facilities such as office buildings, police stations, courts, museums, etc.
  • The security cameras can help to provide temporary security at events such as speeches, parades, and inaugural balls.
  • Surveillance cameras also provide security in transportation facilities such as bus stations, train stations, airports, etc.
  • Traffic cameras help to catch data on drivers that speed or break red lights.
  • Cameras in prison help to maintain the safety protocol. They help to monitor prisoner behavior and help to prevent any escapes or drug trafficking problems.

Here are some of the private applications of video surveillance systems –

  • A camera installed in a home helps to monitor babies, children, and pets. This helps to manage and control any household issues.
  • A camera installed in a household also helps to protect indoor or outdoor property against theft and vandalism.
  • Retail industry every year loses billion of dollars due to employee theft and shoplifting. Security camera can help track and prevent these thefts.
  • Surveillance camera in healthcare facilities provides a crucial security tool which helps patients, staff, and doctors to focus on the treatment.
  • Security cameras installed in schools safeguards the well being of the students and staff. Security cameras can be a powerful deterrent for violence and vandalism on the campus.

Factors Affecting the Market

Some of the hardware components of a video surveillance system include cameras, encoders, recorders, storage, and monitors. There are many companies in the market that are focused on providing these components with the latest innovative technology and at a competitive price. Some of the major key players in this market include Axis Communications, Hikvision, Dahua Technology, Honeywell, Bosch Security, Cisco, Panasonic, Sony, and others. The market according to geography is categorized into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World.

Video surveillance and VSaaS market [] is driven by factors such as increasing concern for security around the world. Issues such as terrorist activities have forced government of many countries to implement video surveillance system. The same security reason fuels the market for video surveillance and VSaaS market in the private sector. The growth for the market will vary according to the various applications of the video surveillance system.

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