Top Trends Driving Global Footwear Market

Published Date : Dec 17, 2015

The global footwear market saw diversified trends across various geographical regions in the recent past. The introduction of new designs of footwear, changing lifestyles, ability to spend, and awareness about active lifestyle are the factors expected to propel the global footwear market in the years to come. Footwear made up of environment-friendly materials are the latest trend. Changing fashion trends and entry of new players will create new growth opportunities for the global footwear market. 

Some of the changing trends in the global footwear market are:

  • Counterfeiting- footwear is considered to be one of the most counterfeited consumer products. This is one of the most important elements affecting the development of the global footwear market.
  • Health benefits- Currently, footwear that offers health benefits are in more demand than the other traditional ones. Footwear that offers total body wellness and foot health are in demand across all regions in the globe. 
  • Style and innovation- Leading players in the global footwear market are focusing on introducing flexible, breathable, and bright-colored footwear products.
  • Celebrity endorsements- Global footwear leaders such as Adidas, Asics, Puma, and Reebok feature celebrities in their advertisements to promote their new products.
  • Advertising media- Social media has truly emerged as the biggest and one of the most successful channel in online research, discovery, and purchase processes for the global footwear market.  
  • Word of mouth- Word of mouth marketing is another effective type of marketing to spread the news about any new product introduced in the market. Currently, word of mouth is being used by fashion gurus and fashion stylists to support or market new footwear products in the global market.

These trends are predicted to propel the global footwear market in the years to come. The footwear market is predicted to register faster growth because of increasing number of customers every year across the globe. Increasing environmental concerns coupled with high prices of raw materials required for manufacturing footwear are two of the major factors restricting the growth of the global footwear market. However, fast changing fashion trends, changing role of e-commerce, and improved quality of footwear products are the factors expected to boost the global footwear market in the years to come.