Want to Book an Uber? Facebook to the Rescue

Published Date : Dec 17, 2015

Facebook’s popular Messenger app has been gaining a lot more attention off late, thanks to the company building more value into the application with a host of new features. The latest is partnering with Uber.

Users can now request an Uber ride from Facebook without leaving the app. Product manager of Facebook Seth Rosenberg has said that Uber is its first partner and the new service is currently being tested in domestic markets. Based on the feedback and reviews, the service could eventually be extended to the over 700 million users of Facebook Messenger. Once the app is available to all, it will become extremely easy to make plans with friends and family through a social networking site that is already aimed at connecting people. 

Here’s how it works.

Users have to first download the latest version of Facebook Messenger, tap on the “more” menu while in conversation, and select “transportation”. The driver’s status update will be sent to the user via Messenger and the user can notify friends that the ride is on its way. Another option of requesting an Uber ride is to look for the service directly on Facebook and tap on the car icon to request a ride. 

The most interesting thing about this latest feature and the new partnership is that it brings together two of the most prominent technology brands working to bring people together. Analysts within the industry have termed this move as a “cross pollination” of the extensive customer bases of both the brands. In addition, Facebook is now on its way to becoming more than just a communications app. 

Earlier updates of Facebook Messenger included a feature that allows users to send money to friends and even allow companies to chat with their customers and send personal updates on individual orders.