Hollywood Blockbusters Setting High Records on the Sales Figures of Varied Food Merchandise

Published Date : Dec 18, 2015

Capitalizing on the buzz around the Star Wars sequel – the Force Awakens, some of the popular food and beverages brands have launched a wide range of ‘limited edition’ merchandise including cereals, chips, biscuits, cakes, and more. The food and beverage industry across the globe is enjoying its rising sales figures, thanks to this long-awaited sequel of Star Wars.

The food and beverages industry has collaborated with the entertainment industry on several occasions to boost the latter’s promotion efforts and their sales. Sometime back, major food brands launched Frozen inspired merchandise, now it’s time for the characters of the Star Wars series. Many of these companies have changed the shapes or embossed faces of the movie characters on their products to attract consumers. Displaying the popular dialogues of these characters on product packages is also one of the commonly used marketing tactics. These limited edition products are attracting a large number of customers and are expected to fly off the shelves in no time. Such strategies adopted by the leading enterprises give a significant boost to the food and beverages industry

The U.S.-based company General Mills Cereals has introduced new packets of cereals with Star Wars theme, featuring Robot BB-8 and Kylo Ren as the heroic robot and the evil guy respectively. Pillsbury brand has introduced R2-D2 ready-to-bake sugar cookies. Popchips has offered its most loved flavors, captioning one as ‘raarrwwrr-ing with flavor’ and the other one as ‘the pop is strong with this one’. Furthermore, Fox’s snacks have embossed characters on its milk biscuits. Apart from these, Kellogg’s (U.K.) has also joined the bandwagon of presenting Star Wars-inspired packaging for its cereals and multi-grain biscuits.

Changing shapes of baked goods and introducing movie themes on its packaging are some of the latest trends that fall under licensing, which is expected to play a very important role in the near future. With growing business opportunities across the globe, direct tie-ups between retailers and licensors have grown up substantially. Apart from food & beverage industry, many other industries have also launched Star Wars-themed merchandise such as books, toys, and clothing and are made available for fans in stores all over.