Digital Forensics Market in China to Witness Extensive Demand Due to Increased Computer-Based Frauds and Crimes

Published Date : Dec 22, 2015

Digital forensics is a branch of forensic sciences which is involved in extracting and identifying evidence from digital devices or media including mobile phones, media storage cards, and computer hard drives. The increased use of computers to commit frauds and crimes are boosting the use of digital forensics. In addition, with a rapid development of technology, most of the high-tech frauds and crimes are carried down with the help of digital data. Monitoring of suspects, pre-discovery, and post crime investigations are some of the most important elements in the area of information security. The increasing security issues across varied industries in addition with accelerated economic growth in developing markets are anticipated to propel the growth of global digital forensics market in coming years.

In addition to public security departments, many big organizations are facing huge risks from fraudulent employees, who are involved in stealing confidential data of their employer and making unauthorized exposure of core technology. They also have a fear that employees may get involved in any illegal operations and bribery.

Meiya Pico, which is one of the leading digital forensics organization across the globe provides digital forensic services to some of the administrators in China including, judicial authorities, the Ministry of Public Security, the Cyberspace Administration of China, commerce and taxes, and departments of industry. Meiya Pico has been enjoying around 30 to 50% increase in their business every year, owing to the increased number of high-tech frauds and crimes. These crimes are forcing the law enforcement departments to adopt the vast use of digital forensics in coming years.

According to the Chinese institute of Electronics, the chairwomen of the Computer Forensics Expert Committee Ding Liping says that digital forensics is still in its developing stage; however, extensive research is being carried out. At this stage, China is facing many technological challenges that are not only in cloud computer forensics but also in mobile and big data forensics. As a result, the digital forensics market has huge scope to expand in the Chinese market in the coming few years. Prominent Chinese organizations operating in the digital forensics market are expanding their horizons to enjoy the competitive advantage in this market.