Andritz Bags Two Hydropower Contracts worth US$55 mn

Published Date : Dec 22, 2015

Small hydropower provides renewable source of electricity which can be used both on-grid and off-grid. Increasing demand for electricity has propelled the growth of the global small hydropower market. Small hydropower is built either with the flow of river or with the help of existing dams. Turbines, transformers, generators, and reservoirs are the various parts of a small hydropower system. Hydroelectric energy is the cleanest form of energy and this fact has pushed its generation across nations. Currently, hydropower accounts for around 20% of the global electricity supply. 

Some of the key players in the global small hydropower market are Ontario Power Generation Inc., Siemens AG, Voith GmbH, Andritz Hydro GmbH, StatKraft, and others. The key players are also involved in rehabilitation projects associated with hydropower projects. Andritz Hydro has recently taken up one such rehabilitation projects in Malawi and New Zealand. The Austria-based small hydropower manufacturer has won contract from Mighty River Power Ltd. in New Zealand to work on three power generating units at the 78- MW Aratiatia hydroelectric project. Andritz Hydro will design, deliver, and install three generators and will provide components for the plant’s turbines.  The 50-year old plant is expected to gain reliability and efficiency with the help of these generators.

On the other hand, in Malawi, Millennium Challenge Account has contracted Andritz to refurbish the 38-MW Nkula A hydro project. Under the contract, Andritz will modernize the plant’s powerhouse, gates, penstocks, and intake structures as well as new turbine runners, generators, a high-voltage hybrid switching station, and a control system. According to Andritz, the total value of both the projects is worth US$55 mn. Repairs at both the plant sites are expected to be over by 2018.