End of a Legal Fight Marked by Recalling Buckyball Magnetic Toys

Published Date : Jul 18, 2014

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled Buckyballs; kind of magnetic toys. These toys in the past have caused injuries because they can be swallowed. Uncommon earth magnets would be used desktop accessories and toys. Problem occurred when intestines would get trapped due to swallowing. And these could only be removed surgically. 

The producers of Buckycubes and Buckyballs will get compensated through a trust fund managed by the CPSC. The funding of the trust would come from the previous distributor’s co-founder. The rationale behind recalling Buckyballs is to protect children from the adverse effects of ingesting magnets. BuckyballsRecall.com is the website where a refund can be requested. 

These magnets were introduced in the market in the year 2009, soon after which there were several mishaps were reported which involved children. In the year 2011 the CPSC reported that a 4 year old boy’s intestine got punctured when he swallowed the magnet thinking it to be a candy. 

Craig Zucker, who was the co-founder of Maxfield and Oberton Holdings, the Buckyballs distributor, was added to the charges in 2013 after the company had shut down. However, a settlement accord was achieved between the commission staff and Zucker. The CPSC had also reported that more than 200,000 Buckycubes and more than 2 million toys of Buckyball were sold in the US. These were mostly manufactured in China. 

Interestingly, Buckminsterfullerene, a molecule is also called “Buckyball”.