Increasing Demand for Mobile PoS Terminals to Fuel Global Point-of-Sale (PoS) Terminals Market

Published Date : Dec 23, 2015

The global market for point-of-sale (PoS) terminals has witnessed an impressive growth in recent years. The increasing trend of plastic money has triggered the adoption of PoS terminals in the retail, entrainment, healthcare, hospitality, and various other industries, strengthening the PoS market in the global arena.

This market is currently dominated by the Fixed PoS terminals segment. However, the mobile PoS terminal segment is likely to seize a significant share of the global market over the next few years, establishing itself as the market leader.

The ease of utilization, mobility, and the low cost associated with the deployment has established the reputation of mobile PoS terminals among the medium and small-scale businesses. In addition to this, the increasing penetration of smartphones and tablet devices is likely to propel the mobile PoS terminals market significantly in the coming years.

Top Trends in the Mobile PoS Terminals Market

  • The MPoS hardware systems segment is leading the mobile PoS market at present. However, it is likely to decline in terms of market share in the near future.
  • In contrast, the MPoS software systems market is projected to witness a surge in demand on account of the shift of consumers towards the usage of consumer-grade electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets for better management of their POS requirements. 
  • The retail industry is holding the leading position among end users of MPoS terminals. The increasing uptake of MPoS technology across micro-merchants and medium and small-scale businesses is anticipated to drive the demand for MPoS terminals in this segment over the next few years.
  • The mobile POS terminals markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific are projected to experience a substantial rise in their market shares in the near future. The increment in low-cost production activities in these regions can be attributed for this growth.

Ingenico, Verifone, and Micros Systems are the major mobile PoS terminals vendors across the globe.