Risks and Scope of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Published Date : Dec 29, 2015

Since the past few years, the tech companies have left no stones unturned to radically promote 4G-enabled devices across different sectors of an economy. The recent developments have made it evident that people today are residents of a world witnessing dynamic technological revolutions. However, a majority of the global population are finding it difficult to keep pace with the various new inventions that are leaving a profound impact on our lives in an end number of ways. The Internet of Things (IoT) for instance, is one such technology, which has grabbed attention from around the world. 

The technology is touted as the ‘next big thing’. It is developed from the convergence of the internet, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and wireless technologies. IoT is radically adopted worldwide because it facilitates seamless and quick transfer of a staggering amount of data. Furthermore, information derived from the Internet of Things can be stored, indexed, and processed to make valuable business decisions. IoT however, is still at an evolutionary phase and further research and developments are required to enable organizations optimally derive benefits from the technology in the near future. 

The Internet of Things is a technology concept that has gained a mass appeal in the last couple of years. In recent years IoT has emerged as a popular segment in the healthcare industry, promising essential development in the sector in terms of efficiency. The technology is anticipated to enable healthcare professionals and institutions provide improved patient care at lower costs. 

However, there are certain concerns that need to be addressed before the full-fledged implementation of the IoT in the healthcare sector. One of the major bottlenecks to be addressed is how to protect the privacy of patient-sensitive data. Through deploying this revolutionizing technology a colossal volume of data will be generated every single day, and this may often lead to concerns pertaining to the privacy of vital information. Ensuring safety to patient information and history is mandatory in the healthcare sector, hence for effective implementation of the technology the industry needs to seek ways to protect critical from being misused by hackers.