From Sunrise to Sunset: How Wearable Technology will Take Over our Lives in 2016

Published Date : Dec 31, 2015

Over the next 12 months, wearable technology is expected to make a huge splash. Right from waking up in the morning till going to bed at night, these devices are likely to blend into our daily routine. Wearables such as FitBit, the Apple and Samsung smartwatch, and Google Glass made news in 2014. Let’s see what the coming year looks like for wearable technology.

Invisible yet Omnipresent Wearables: Even though wearables will be everywhere, they will become invisible and easily blend in with various items of clothing and accessories. Tag Heuer and Fossil are already working on some innovative and fashionable smartwatches. In addition, Samsung and Apple are reportedly developing smart rings. With the development of affordable smart clothing that are designed not just for the athletic types, wearables will most definitely become hard to spot in the coming years. 

Hearables for People on the Go: For those who are always on the move, 2016 will be a remarkable year. Say goodbye to tangled wires and bulky headphones. Hearables will provide commuters a slew of devices to be excited about. The Bragi Dash smart earphones, the Here Active Listening earbuds, and Microsoft’s in-ear device will change the way the world listens to music. Some of these devices can control real world audio and also be used in the fitness room. 

Impact on Life in the Office: Wearable technology will soon enter the office thanks to interesting projects. The Embrace watch can detect stress levels and inform you when you need to take a break from your work. The Nymi band uses heartbeat instead of fingerprints for authentication, allowing sensitive material to be more secure. The Enterprise Edition of the Google Glass is specially designed for the workplace to lend you a helping hand. A consumer version of Microsoft’s HoloLens is likely to be available in 2016 and has some rather interesting uses.