Europe's Efforts to Develop Sustainable Healthcare Put into Gear

Published Date : Jan 04, 2016

Over the next several years, a European drug research consortium is planning to put in over US$ 5 billion to apply big data techniques so as to speed up clinical drug trials and develop an overall sustainable health care delivery system. 

The Innovative Medicines Initiative, through a program titled “Big Data for Better Outcomes”, will distribute grants to help streamline the development of new treatments and drugs with the help of big data techniques. Large drug manufacturers in the region, in unison of the European Union, will provide almost equal funding to support the development of drugs and treatments through big data. 

The key areas of focus for upcoming projects include cross platform interoperability, enhancing access to high quality data, and identifying lucrative research areas. In addition to drug development, particular areas that required the access and use of big data approaches include bettering the clinical outcomes in patients suffering from acute coronary syndrome, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure. 

Additional funding will emphasize on the development of a big data platform that is designed for treating pediatric cancer. Yet another funding is focused on validating imaging techniques that examine drug safety. 

The main aim of the big data effort is to initiate and leverage the evolution towards an outcomes focused, value based, sustainable, and improved quality healthcare system in Europe. This can be achieved by making the most of the many opportunities presented by the vast wealth of data from different sources. 

In addition to providing research grants to drug manufacturers, the Innovative Medicines Initiative also hopes to define metrics to develop processes, protocols, and tools that allow accessibility to high quality data, to measure improved outcomes, as well as to develop methodologies and tools that will aid improvement in clinical outcomes. The aim is also to establish industry standards for the collection, analysis, and management of patient data.