Acquisition of Rex Medical Technologies Allows Argon Medical Devices to Strengthen Position as Market Leader in Treatment of Venous Disease

Published Date : Jan 05, 2016

Argon Medical Devices, Inc. has managed to establish its position as a market leader in the category of minimally invasive vascular therapy with the concluded acquisition of Rex Medical LLC’s three vascular technologies. Before this transaction, the CLEANER Rotational Thrombectomy System, the UltraStream Chronic Hemodialysis Catheter, and the OptionELITE Retrievable Vena Cava Filter were only licensed and distributed by Argon, based on an exclusive agreement with Rex Medical. Over the years, these three best in class product categories have witnessed immense growth under the leadership of Argon Medical Devices. Now, with the addition of these safe, efficient, and proven technologies to the product and technology portfolio of Argon, the company’s position as a leader in the treatment of venous diseases has been uniquely established. 

Argon Medical Devices already has a strong current interventional portfolio, but the acquisition of the intellectual property related to these Rex Medical products will give Argon additional access into existing markets and also enable entry into new segments. Moreover, the company has already established itself as a licensee of these products. By building on that momentum, Argon Medical Devices will be able to focus all of its efforts in the venous disease category, strengthen its development in strategic global markets, and provide effective and safe tools for the treatment of venous diseases. 

The acquisition of Rex Medical’s three technologies also allows Argon Medical Devices to offer its customers a comprehensive set of procedure based solutions. President of Rex Medical Lindsay L Carter recently commented that the company was pleased to be in collaboration with Argon Medical and that the latter will retain its leading position in the market. Looking at the expanding patient population that is undergoing treatment for venous disease, Argon will be able to deliver these tested and established technologies to the growing customer base.