Chilled and Deli Foods Market to Grow Significantly with Entry of Players like Amazon

Published Date : Jan 06, 2016

Changing lifestyle with the expansion of supermarkets and hypermarkets have boosted the demand for chilled and deli foods. Increasing health awareness among consumers has been the driving force behind the growth of the global chilled and deli foods market. Pies and savoury appetizers, meats, prepared salads, prepacked sandwiches, and others are the various product types offered by the global chilled and deli foods market. Among these, the demand for prepacked sandwiches has been the highest owing to consumer preference for convenient, healthy, and complete food option. Though the chilled and deli foods market has grown significantly across North America and Europe, key market players are shifting their focus on Asia Pacific. In fact, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the largest market for chilled and deli foods with surging demand for pies and savoury appetizers. 

To enhance the quality of chilled and deli foods, food manufacturers are partnering with scientific community. For example, Fresh-Pak Chilled Food Ltd., a leading British food manufacturer,  has tied up with University of Leicester to innovate its production processes. The company has expertise in chilled sandwiches and accompaniments for the last 20 years. The company’s partnership with the Department of Chemistry at the university includes student projects, academic consultancy, and a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Fresh-Pak aims to boost its yield and quality through this partnership. 

E-commerce giant Amazon has recently turned its gaze to food industry. The U.S. online group has launched its pantry service in the U.K. in November last year. Amazon’s pantry service offers a limited range of 4,000 non-perishable food items available for delivery the next day. The company is planning to expand its delivery services in food business by offering chilled food and a wider range of produce. With the entry of players like Amazon, the global chilled and deli foods market is estimated to grow massively in the coming years.