The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Published Date : Jan 08, 2016

The exhibition floors at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show were filled with all kinds of gadgets promising to aid and improve your health – right from Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy tests to patches that track UV exposure. 

Even though this is just the beginning of the year for health gadgets, there were several promising concepts that made an appearance at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show; ideas that will change the way you exercise, eat, relate to your doctor, and take medicines, and completely floor you with the power that you possess to manage your health. 

Here’s a look at some of the brilliant gadgets that stood out at the Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Skulpt’s muscle and body fat scanner measures fat percentage and muscle quality using electrical current and can ascertain it for 24 varied muscle groups from hamstrings to the upper back. Even though the larger customer base comprises those who are interested in optimal fitness, there are a wide group of seniors and people with muscle atrophy problems who are using the Skulpt device. 
  • The portable food testing device by 6Sensor Labs was originally designed by the CEO of the company because she had several food allergies that made it rather difficult eating out at restaurants. The device, called Nima, presently works only with gluten in solids or liquids. It can detect even 5 parts per million with the help of various chemicals that detect the presence of the allergen. The device to test milk and nuts will be developed next year. 
  • First Response’s Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test is being called the future of pregnancy testing that can give you the results on your phone. Instead of giving lines or plus and minus signs, the app clearly states No/Not Pregnant or Yes/Pregnant. The app also has a way to schedule doctor’s appointments, set reminders for the same, and receive pre-natal nutrition and fertility advice.