Global Spas and Beauty Salons Market Witnessing Growth due to Growing Stressful Lives

Published Date : Jan 11, 2016

The concept of wellness has been deep-rooted in our ancient cultures, but it was lost somewhere along the way as pace to make big bucks picked up. In recent years, as more and more consumers are showing a growing preference towards improving well-being and grooming appearances, the global market for spas has also picked up. The increasing consumer demand for wellness services and products has led the market to a valuation of several billions.

Chronic Conditions Propel Growth of Spa Industry 

The need for spas is mainly being driving by the stressful lives of several across the globe that is leading to chronic conditions. This market is also being propelled as several spa and beauty salon companies across the globe are adopting professional masseuse and technicians. For instance, the Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore (SWAS) launched the SWAS Registry of Complementary Therapists, which will work towards improving the safety standards in the Singapore spa industry. 

This attempt comes after about 480 complaints were registered by Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for unsatisfactory service in the slimming and fitness club industries, beauty, and hair in the past five years. Such efforts by the industry leaders or government agencies will help in easing out chances of inappropriate or negligent treatment mete out by therapists that leads to swelling, injury, and rashes on the skin. This effort will enable the customers to verify the reality of business establishments, check the qualification of the staff, and investigate the treatment before going through with it.

North America to Lead the Spa Industry

Currently, North America holds the largest market share in overall spas and beauty salons market. This trend is majorly attributable to the growing concern over personal appearance and lifestyle. Furthermore, increasing disposable income, stabilizing economy, and awareness about benefits of spas and beauty salon services is also leading to growth of this market.