Xilinx’s 16 nm Multi-Processing SoC Solutions to Revolutionize 3D ICs Market

Published Date : Jan 11, 2016

With consumption of less power than 2D integrated chips, the demand for 3D integrated chips is expected to surge in the coming years. In fact, 3D integrated chips are being termed as the future of electronics with enhanced memory to processor performance. Rise in number of portable devices such as smartphones and other handheld devices, along with growing demand for efficient solutions has boosted the growth of the global 3D ICs market. Though elaborate testing procedures and steep cost might hinder the growth of the market in the coming years, the emergence of big data and predictive analysis holds great opportunity for the market growth. IntSim is an open source CAD tool for simulating 3D ICs. IntSim and multi-chip packaging are anticipated to define the future outlook of the global 3D ICs market.

Among the various end-use industries in the global 3D ICs market such as information and communication technology, transport, military, consumer electronics, biomedical applications, and others, the consumer electronics sector drives the demand from the market. Rapidly growing consumer electronics industries in Asia Pacific has driven the demand from the global 3D ICs market. Some of the established names in the global 3D ICs market include Xilinx Inc., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd., The 3M Company, Ziptronix Inc., United Microelectronics Corporation, and STATS ChipPAC Ltd. The key players are focussed on developing advanced 3D ICs with the emergence of new technologies. 

Japan-based Xilinx Inc. has recently demonstrated 16 nm heterogeneous multi-processing SoC solutions. The company has demonstrated that how its patented All Programmable technology will enable connected, smarter, and differentiated ADAS applications with enhanced integration, power, and performance. The 16 nm heterogeneous multi-processing SoC solutions include 5-camera ADAS development platform, real-time roadway vehicle/ motorbike pedestrian detection, and advanced ADAS development video recording platform.