Babies of mothers with anxiety disorders more likely to cry excessively

Published Date : Jul 23, 2014

A new German study suggests that women with anxiety disorders may more likely have babies who cry excessively. 

Earlier research studies have already confirmed that babies of women with anxiety disorders are more prone to develop anxiety disorders themselves in later stages of their life. 

The current research presents a relationship between anxiety disorders in mothers during, prior to and after pregnancy in mothers with prior record of anxiety disorders and the rate of excessive crying in infants. 

For the study, 286 women, who were in early stages of their pregnancy were studied. On an average, the women were 28 years old. 63% of them were unmarried and 59% were pregnant for the first time. 

In the beginning stages of the study, the women were asked about any symptoms of depression or anxiety they had and an estimated time-frame of when the symptoms stated. The women were checked in every other month until their babies became four months old. The analysis was repeated after a year. 

After the interviews started, 29% women reported that their babies cried excessively. Excessive crying was defined as crying that lasted for three or more hours every day, at least three days a week and for three weeks or more. 

The results found a pattern of excessively crying babies more common of mothers who experienced anxiety disorder before conceiving as compared with mothers who did not have an anxiety disorder.